quality and reliability support in product and process development inspectionInspection is the comparison of a product or process output to an established standard. The need for Inspection Services may arise when project timing is tight, resources are unavailable, or the need for fast and effective response is imperative to maintain customer satisfaction. Quality-One can be your eyes for a critical appraisal of supplier components, processes or systems in the field.

Initial Samples and First Article

Q-1 inspects first articles of prototypes, production tools, level 5 PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) samples, or corrective action confirmations on experienced critical failures. Q-1 Inspectors have expert knowledge of the products, processes and systems they examine. Q-1 works with you to develop the criteria for acceptance based on the needs and specifications your situation demands. Q-1 matches the expertise of our engineers to provide inspection support specific to your industry, products, processes, codes and standards.

Screening and Sorting of Lots

Our inspection expertise can be applied to situations where numerous products or lots must be screened and sorted to protect customers from the effects of failure. Our Core Competencies allow Q-1 Inspectors to complete a thorough RCA (Root Cause Analysis), facilitating a faster response and recovery period.

Warranty Returns

Q-1 uses our philosophy in the examination of warranty returns. We provide the necessary support to discover warranty trends signaling early problems, for fast counter measure response to avoid major customer dissatisfaction. With our expertise in Statistics, Weibull and RCA, Q-1 experts can determine if an early trend is worth further investigation. Q-1 analyzes specific problems at the root cause level, reporting findings and recommending corrective actions.

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