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Introduction to Quality Engineering

In the race to gain new customers or increase market-share, companies are constantly developing and introducing new or improved products.  Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they are not. With the vast selection of products available in today’s highly competitive global marketplace, businesses must provide high quality products that consumers want to buy at competitive prices. Through the effective use of Quality Engineering methods and tools during the product conception, development and implementation processes, organizations can ensure that the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is heard and integrated into the product design, that quality is designed and built into the product, and waste is identified and eliminated in the manufacturing processes. Properly implemented Quality Engineering tools and techniques can have a huge impact on product cost and quality, and on the organization’s bottom line.

What is Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering consists of analysis methods and the development of systems to ensure products or services are designed, developed and manufactured to meet or exceed the customer’s requirements and expectations. Quality Engineering encompasses all activities related to the analysis of a product’s design, development and manufacturing processes for the purpose of improving the quality of the product and the production process while identifying and reducing waste in its many forms. Quality Engineering methods and tools are often developed and implemented using a cross-functional approach involving multiple business and engineering disciplines. Quality Engineering encompasses a broad range of methodologies and tools including but not limited to the following list:

Quality Engineers are the front-line forces for developing, implementing and maintaining the various quality disciplines within the world of Quality Engineering. They are professionals who have gained a thorough understanding of quality principles and product and process evaluation and control. Quality Engineers are normally responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the systems used to measure, monitor and control product and process quality in the production process. They work with design teams and manufacturing teams to institute quality standards for products and their associated production processes. Quality Engineers must understand process capability and the use of SPC in monitoring the manufacturing processes. In addition, they often define the parameters and develop appropriate end of line testing including setting acceptable limits for the results.  Furthermore, the Quality Engineer must be well versed in the use and application of problem solving tools, troubleshooting, and process improvement. A Quality Engineer must be able to discover and understand the process issues and develop effective countermeasures including process or product changes when necessary to ensure that quality standards are upheld and the customer’s requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.

The benefits of Quality Engineering are vast and can have a profound effect on product quality, process efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. If you would like additional information about how Quality Engineering methods and tools can positively impact your organization, please contact one of our professional staff at Quality-One.

Quality Engineering Consulting

At Quality-One, we offer Quality Engineering Consulting for companies in the early stages of developing a strategic quality plan or for those who recognize the need for improvements to their established quality systems. Our team of experienced subject matter experts may provide:

  • Guidance in the development of a strategic plan to implement Quality Engineering within your organization
  • Insight into the current status and effectiveness of your quality systems
  • Direction and coaching for your management teams while establishing or improving your Quality Engineering processes
  • Documents and templates required to accelerate the development and implementation of your quality assurance and control systems

Quality Engineering Consulting can provide the catalyst needed to get your Quality Engineering processes moving forward. Effective implementation of Quality Engineering methodologies and tools within your organization will improve communication between the engineering and manufacturing teams and ensure that the VOC is integrated into new or improved products or services. Quality Engineering tools can improve product quality and reduce manufacturing cost through more efficient processes and reduced waste. Proper implementation of Quality Engineering will enable you to produce high quality products that meet or exceed your customers wants and needs while reducing development time and cost, resulting in a profound effect on your bottom line.

Quality Engineering Training

One of the most powerful tools for ensuring success in any new endeavor is proper training. Proper training facilitated by highly trained professionals with a vast amount of experience in their field will have an overwhelming impact on your Quality Engineering implementation process. At Quality-One, we have the professional resources, experience and passion for quality that enables us to deliver highly effective Quality Engineering Training. In addition, we also offer targeted training on the several key quality tools including but not limited to FMEA, 8D, RCA, MSA, A3, 5 Why and QFD. Furthermore, at Quality-One we have multiple training options available including:

  • Onsite Training at your facility, where one or more of our professional instructors will provide effective, professional training to your teams using, examples and sharing experiences relevant to your products and processes.
  • Offsite Training at one of our Technical Training Centers is an option that allows the participants a chance to escape the interruptions from daily work activities and devote their full attention on the subject matter. This generates increased knowledge transfer and a higher level of engagement and participation.
  • Online Overviews are also available and provide the participant with an introduction to Quality Engineering methods and tools. The online course is self-paced allowing the participant to work around their busy schedule. Content is available 24/7, and the participant will have 30 days to complete the course.

Regardless of the method, Quality Engineering Training provided by Quality-One is a wise investment. Businesses invest in many things, such as purchasing new equipment, materials, supplies, or building new facilities. While all of these are important, there is nothing more impactful to an organization than investing in their people through professional training. An investment in your people is an investment in success.

Quality Engineering Support

Planning and implementing your Quality Engineering strategic plan will require support from executive management and a significant amount of dedicated resources. Due to increased competition or higher material and operating costs, many organizations are being required to accomplish more with fewer resources. There are also situations where there is a need for immediate long-term or short-term support in order to accomplish specified goals. Recruiting qualified permanent staff can be time consuming and expensive. At Quality-One, we have qualified resources available and ready to step in and produce results. Our Quality Engineers will:

  • Work closely with your design engineering teams to identify and address risk and ensure quality is being incorporated into your products designs
  • Audit your processes, measure performance and recommend a course of action to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • Utilize statistical analysis methods to monitor your processes, collect data and make recommendations for improvement
  • Assist your manufacturing staff in development and implementation of procedures, work instructions, training and process controls to ensure quality in your processes
  • Promote and support Continuous Improvement activities with your teams to identify and eliminate waste in your processes
  • Lead your teams in cross-functional problem-solving activities including root cause analysis and development of temporary and permanent countermeasures

Whatever your needs may be, our highly trained subject matter experts are available to support your goals. We have decades of experience working in various industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural Machinery, Heavy Construction, Mining Equipment and more. Through proper implementation of Quality Engineering methods and tools in your organization, you can improve quality, reduce or eliminate waste, and meet or exceed your customer’s requirements.

Learn More About Quality Engineering

Quality-One offers Quality and Reliability Support for Product and Process Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in Quality and Reliability activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires. Let us help you Discover the Value of Quality Engineering Consulting, Quality Engineering Training or Quality Engineering Project Support.

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