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FMEA Support

– Facilitation and Contract Services – 

⇓  Introduction to FMEA Support

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⇓  Benefits of FMEA Facilitation

⇓  About FMEA Contract Services

⇓  Benefits of FMEA Contract Services

Quality, Reliability, Support
Quality & Reliability

Introduction to FMEA Support

If performed properly, a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a highly effective way of lowering the probability of costly failures of your product or service. If an FMEA isn’t executed properly, however, it is itself an expensive waste of time.

Many companies find it difficult to initially start and maintain FMEAs. This is mainly caused by a misunderstanding of how they are to be used and maintained for new designs. The lack of resources may also contribute to the need for FMEA Support. Quality-One provides FMEA Facilitation and FMEA Contract Services to move organizations forward in the use of FMEA.

Our FMEA Support Services have a proven track record of providing value as measured by: time to complete, time freed for engineers and customer confidence.

About FMEA Facilitation

FMEAs without FMEA Facilitation are often described as tedious, boring, and sluggish. The total time to complete the task considering team time and number of development hours is many times longer than experienced with a skilled Quality-One facilitator. Our FMEA Facilitation puts those experts to work for you.

FMEA Facilitation is efficient. Organizations rarely measure the total cost and time impact of a poorly executed FMEA. But considering the limited time engineers and technical personnel have when involved in product or process development activities, it is wise to consider this option.

Our customers report a greater than 70% reduction in development time and therefore their resources are utilized more effectively on the actual design work. The results of the facilitated FMEAs are measured in mitigation actions on risk discovered during the event and not on Risk Priority Number (RPN) thresholds alone.

FMEA Facilitation Tips & Tricks
FMEA Facilitation Tips & Tricks

Benefits of FMEA Facilitation

Overall, a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis will help decrease the likelihood of failures and the negative outcomes that result. FMEA Facilitation allows you to do so without expending extra time and money with in-house resources. The typical benefits that a customer experiences are:

  • Greater than 70% reduction in time (resources better utilized)
  • Structured Methodology which is more process oriented vs. brainstorming
    • Quality-One Methodology
  • FMEA Actions directed at three points in the process based on the Quality-One Three-Path Model and less emphasis on the RPN
  • Earlier determination of need for Actions than typical RPN methods
  • Less subjective discussion time on items with small risk
  • Cross Functional Team (CFT) size is modulated and changed, respecting the valuable time of the development team
  • Responsible engineer receives an output which can immediately be used in design activity impacting performance and safety
FMEA Three Path Model
FMEA Three Path Model

About FMEA Contract Services

FMEA Contract Services are necessary when speed and effectiveness are of utmost importance. Using your engineering and technical resources to complete FMEAs without assistance is often time consuming. Companies with large or difficult projects, with a large amount of risk that have many FMEAs to complete, contact Quality-One Contract Services to provide relief to an already burdened staff.

We will roll up our sleeves and provide instant results through utilization of best practices garnered from years of experience performing FMEA. Our contract services may be used in:

  • FMEA Facilitation
  • FMEA Scheduling and Revision Control
  • Management of the FMEA process including RPN Reduction Strategies and Revisions
  • Follow Up of Actions for Risk Mitigation
  • Supplier Development Training and Mentoring
  • Training and Mentoring of Technical Staff

Benefits of FMEA Contract Services

The professionals at Quality-One can benefit your organization in many ways:

  • Ready to work personnel with expertise in FMEA
  • Cost effective in reducing time for FMEA development
  • Time for engineers to engineer is increased
  • Performed correctly and with the emphasis on discovery of failure not filled in forms
  • Assurance that your customer’s expectations of FMEA’s are delivered
  • Hands on skills development picked up by your people as they are exposed to the Quality-One experts

Learn More About FMEA Support

Quality-One offers Quality and Reliability Support for Product and Process Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in Quality and Reliability activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires. Let us help you Discover the Value of FMEA Consulting, FMEA Training or FMEA Project Support.

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