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AS9100D Training

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⇓  Introduction to AS9100D Training

⇓  AS9100D Training Course Outline

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Introduction to AS9100D Training

When your organization commits time and resources to a project as important as pursuit of AS9100D certification, no detail can be missed. Many organizations fail to realize the importance of professional training. To be your best at almost anything, you must train. Pilots undergo extensive training and education to ensure passengers safety. Professional athletes train in hopes of achieving the ultimate prize or recognition in their individual sport.  In the same way, your teams and associates require training to ensure that your QMS achieves its objectives. Organizations must realize that their most valuable resources are their team members. A successful AS9100D initiative requires a commitment by leadership to develop their personnel to be the best they can be at their particular job. They need proper training and instruction to operate at their peak potential. One of the most common forms of waste in a company is failing to recognize and use their associate’s talents to the fullest. If you are considering AS9100D training, most likely you have already invested much effort and many hours in your AS9100D certification initiative. The bottom line is that your team members or associates and organizational leadership need proper training for your QMS to be a success.

At Quality-One we offer three different training options:

  • Onsite Training at your facility
  • Offsite Training at one of our many conveniently located training centers
  • Online Training

For additional information, contact one of the professionals at Quality-One and we can help you select the option that best fits your needs.  Discover the Value.

AS9100D Training Course Outline

The body of information covered within the AS9100D Training Course consists of the following main sections:

⇓ Executive Overview of the standard

⇓ Implementing AS9100D

⇓ Documentation Requirements

⇓ Internal Auditing

⇓ Continual Improvement

Implementing AS9100D

This course covers the requirements and the application thereof for AS9100D compliance. The objective of this section of the training is to enable your teams to develop an effective Quality Management System and achieve certification.  The standard requires involvement in the QMS throughout all levels and divisions of the organization. The standard also requires organizations to establish and maintain a proactive approach towards product quality.

Management’s Role in AS9100D

Top management must commit to providing adequate resources for implementation, maintenance, evaluation, and continual improvement of the organization’s QMS.  This section of the training course includes planning and allocation of resources, gaining commitment from all parties and communicating throughout the organization the importance of the QMS and adherence to the AS9100D standard requirements.

Documentation Requirements

The AS9100D standard requires that the QMS and all additional information required by the standard be documented and controlled. This includes the QMS policy, procedures and any supporting documents.  The AS9100D training includes information regarding:

  • Documentation of the Management System
  • Establishing and Communicating the Quality Policy
  • Document Control Requirements
  • Medical device files
  • Records Retention Requirements

Quality Policy and the Quality Manual

The AS9100D standard requires the establishment of a Quality Policy. The Quality policy is a statement consisting of the company stance regarding product quality along with the basic goals or objectives and the plan to realize them. The objectives are the more definitive goals related to the QMS and quality plans.

Internal Auditing

This course provides methods to document and implement the Quality Management System in accordance with the AS9100D standard.  This section of the course is intended for participants that are new to internal auditing, or currently performing internal audits. This section of the training is vital for the audit process owners and personnel responsible for managing the QMS audit process. The training materials include:

  • Internal Auditing Methodology
  • Proper audit Documentation
  • Developing a Standard Review Interval
  • Audit Records Retention

Continual Improvement

The standard requires that organizations identify opportunities to continually improve their quality systems and for achievement of the established goals and objectives.  The training materials will include information describing and explaining the continual improvement process, its advantages, and how to incorporate it throughout the organization.  The standard requires organizations to establish processes for reporting and investigating product nonconformities and developing effective corrective actions. Organizations should ensure that the root cause of any nonconformity is identified and addressed. If the root cause is not determined, the issues may re-occur within the same process or elsewhere in the organization. Multiple tools are discussed along with their practical application. Some of the tools covered in the training include:

  • Is/Is Not analysis
  • The Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram
  • The 5 Whys & 5 Hows
  •  FMEA or Potential Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

The training will also include determining appropriate corrective actions and developing a plan for implementation of the corrective actions, the importance of ownership and properly documenting the results.

In Conclusion

Organizations within the aviation, defense and space industries must pursue AS9100D certification if they are to not only survive but to thrive in the highly competitive world marketplace. With ever increasing competition from around the globe, being an AS 9100D certified manufacturer will likely set you apart from the crowd. Successful development and implementation of a compliant quality management system should result in improved quality, reduced risk and improved customer satisfaction. Ensuring the highest levels of product quality and preventing non-conformances in the aviation, defense and space industries is not only critical to your company, it could literally mean the difference between life and death for the end user. Therefore, the importance of developing and implementing an AS9100D compliant quality management system cannot be overemphasized.

At Quality-One we are committed to consistently delivering effective, professional training designed around your organization’s needs. Our method of training is interactive and incorporates team based activities relevant to your industry and QMS presented in a workshop format. The AS9100D training materials presented by Quality-One provide a clear understanding of the basic requirements of the standard. Furthermore, our training contains information that should enable your organization to establish the processes and documentation to build an effective Quality Management System.

At Quality-One, we offer three different training options, one of which is sure to fit your needs.

AS9100D Onsite Training

Onsite training is just that, we come to you, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.  Our experienced subject matter experts will bring the knowledge to your location. Onsite training is conducted in a dynamic instructor-led format.  The Quality-One reference materials and examples also provide an invaluable resource, always available for review long after the training workshop has been completed. By delivering the training at your location, your associates are provided the opportunity to ask questions and discuss examples directly related to your particular product and processes. This focused interaction results in immediate benefits for your processes, team and your QMS. Each participant will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” upon the completion of the Quality-One training course. Onsite training is convenient for scheduling and is generally more beneficial for organizations seeking training for several individuals or groups.

AS9100D Offsite Training

Offsite training is held at one of Quality–One’s area Technical Training Centers. At Quality-One, we have several convenient locations available for offsite training. The offsite training is presented in a workshop format. One of the benefits of offsite training is that it allows the participants to learn in an environment free from every day distractions and interruptions. This distraction free environment often results in the sharing of different experiences by participants from diverse backgrounds and various organizations. This unhindered professional interaction tends to result in increased participation. A higher level of knowledge transfer and increased rate of retention. Upon successful completion of the Quality-One AS9100D training course, each participant will receive a “Certificate of Completion.” The offsite training option is usually more cost effective for organizations with five or less associates that require training.

AS9100D Online Training

The Quality-One AS9100D online training materials cover the basic requirements of the standard. The online training format is perfect for the busy professional who requires a basic introduction to the AS9100D standard. Participants in the Quality-One online training will have up to 30 days to complete the course and may access the materials as often as they like during the 30-day period. The online training materials are available 24 hours and day 7 days a week. The training materials consist of audio, video, illustrations and reference materials relating to the AS9100D standard. Upon completion of the training, the participant should have a substantial understanding of the AS9100D standard along with the ability to identify potential or existing product non-conformances, opportunities for improvement and provide support to the development, implementation or maintenance of your AS9100D compliant QMS. The Quality-One online option enables the participants to advance through the training material at their own pace and as time permits.

Learn More About AS9100D Training

Quality-One offers Quality Management Systems Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in Quality Management Systems development activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires. Let us help you Discover the Value of AS9100D Consulting, AS9100D Training or AS9100D Project Support.

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