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Introduction to ISO 45001 Support

Through successful implementation of ISO 45001, your organization can reap many benefits from the first truly international standard for Occupational Health and Safety. Your organization could realize lower insurance premiums, a reduction in number of incidents, better employee retention and much more. However, implementation of an ISO 45001 compliant Occupational Health and Safety management system requires a significant investment of time and resources.  In the highly competitive global market, companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost. This often results in fewer available resources for special projects. Some organizations may simply not have adequate resources or experienced subject matter experts available to properly develop, implement and maintain an effective ISO 45001 compliant OH&S management system.

Quality-One can provide the support your organization requires for the development, implementation and maintenance of your OH&S management system to ensure immediate and long-term success. We will assess your current system, design a plan for migration to the new standard and support the development and implementation of your ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management system. Our Management Systems Support Services have a proven record of accomplishment for providing value as measured by reduced development and implementation time, effective health and safety risk identification, assessment and identification of opportunities for improvement.  Our subject matter experts utilize best practices from multiple industries to provide a custom fit solution for each of our customers.

About ISO 45001 Auditing

A 2nd Party Audit is an external audit performed at your facility by a representative from an outside consulting firm such as Quality-One.  Our ISO 45001 Auditing services are available for organizations that lack the proper resources and time to conduct their own internal health and safety audits. Our auditors are able to review your processes objectively and provide a fresh perspective. Quality-One will provide your organization with qualified 2nd party audit resources. Our audit services are useful in:

  • Fulfilling requirements of the ISO 45001 requirements for Internal Audits
  • Pre-certification audits to identify possible non-conformances to aid in first time certification
  • Familiarizing your personnel responsible for system audits to a structured audit process

Benefits of ISO 45001 Auditing

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Auditing Services enable your organization to establish a robust auditing process while conserving valuable internal resources. The professional auditors at Quality-One can support your organization by:

  • Providing immediate support for your auditing process by ready to work professionals
  • Reducing the amount of time required for internal staff to conduct audit activities
  • Enabling your personnel to attend to their important daily responsibilities
  • Providing mentoring for internal personnel responsible for regularly conducting audits
  • Validating that your OH&S Management System meet the new standard’s requirements

About ISO 45001 Facilitation

The time required to design, develop and implement a new Occupational Health and Safety Management System can be greatly reduced with the aid of a skilled facilitator. At Quality-One our OH&S Management System Facilitation methodology can help you build an efficient yet robust, compliant ISO 45001 management system while helping your organization avoid common pitfalls often experienced when implementing an entirely new or greatly revised system.

Management System development and implementation without facilitation often leads to waste in the forms of:

  • Ineffective and inefficient hazard identification and risk analysis processes
  • Poor engagement of workers in the process
  • Redundant operations and documentation
  • Excessive non-conformances causing time and resource consuming corrective actions
  • Objectives that are not well defined or lack proper planning to achieve them
  • Possible missed opportunities for improvement of the processes or the management system
  • Disruptions to business due to time lost to complete day-to-day responsibilities
  • Ineffective communication process regarding the OH&S management system requirements and possible changes throughout the organization
  • Poor application of the PDCA methodology inherent in the new standard
  • Delayed project deadlines and failure to achieve 3rd party certification within project timeline

Most organizations fail to comprehend the total cost and time impact of an inadequately planned and implemented OH&S Management System. Most organizations do not have an in-house subject matter expert to lead such a daunting endeavor. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider involving a professional facilitator to lead your team to success.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Facilitation

Overall, an effective ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System will result in reduced risk to workers, fewer workplace hazards, better countermeasures, fewer incidents, reduced downtime and reductions in insurance premiums.  Your organization could gain industry recognition and the reputation of being a safe place to work. Quality-One Occupational Health and Safety Management System Facilitation will enable your organization to avoid risks, while gaining the benefits of a robust OH&S Management System. Some typical benefits that our clients experience are:

  • Project time lines and budgets being met
  • Improved hazard identification skills
  • Setting clear and achievable objectives for the new system
  • Objectives aligned to business strategy and defined risks
  • Improved management system structure based on a process approach
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of the OH&S system throughout the organization
  • Removal of barriers resulting in greater active participation of the workers
  • Limited minor non-conformance findings and corrective actions
  • First time 3rd party audit certification

About ISO 45001 Contract Services

When first time certification, internal resource optimization and project time are of primary importance, ISO 45001 Contract Services are an effective and practical solution. Through the utilization of professional, experienced personnel from Quality-One, your time for development and implementation of an ISO 45001 compliant Occupational Health and Safety Management System can be greatly reduced.   Successful completion of your projects can be accomplished without the time and expense required to hire additional personnel. Quality-One ISO 45001 Contract Services produce positive results through the application of best practices and knowledge gained from years of experience. Our contract services may be used in:

  • Facilitating the development and implementation of your OH&S Management System
  • Development of required documentation to support your third-party registration objective
  • Implementing computer-based systems and documentation tools relative to Risk Analysis, Incident Tracking, Corrective Action, Management System Performance, Continual Improvement Progress, etc.
  • Training and Mentoring of key personnel who will be responsible for the support and maintenance of your OH&S Management System

Benefits of ISO 45001 Contract Services

Development and implementation of an ISO 45001 can be a monumental task for many organizations.  Development and implementation initiatives that are understaffed or lack adequate resources usually produces less than optimum results. In fact, they often fail to meet deadlines or achieve third party certification.  Occupational Health and Safety Quality Management System Contract Services enable your organization to avoid expensive delays, overburdening internal resources and repeat third party audits when pursuing ISO 45001 certification. Our experienced professionals at Quality-One can assist your organization in multiple ways:

  • Providing experienced, ready to work personnel with knowledge of OH&S Management Systems
  • Cost effective in reducing time for Management Systems development and implementation
  • Allow your personnel to spend more of their time concentrating on vital daily responsibilities
  • Developing a Management System in accordance with the context of your organization and your particular OH&S objectives
  • Developing and implementing your employee consultation and participation processes
  • Providing your employees with direct assistance with their risk identification, analysis and corrective action skills development
  • Perform 2nd party audits to gauge the continual improvement of your OH&S Management System performance

Learn More About ISO 45001 Support

Quality-One offers Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in OH&S Management Systems development activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires.  Let us help you Discover the Value of ISO 45001 Consulting, ISO 45001 Training or ISO 45001 Project Support.

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