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ISO 45001 Training

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Introduction to ISO 45001 Training

The long-awaited ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard was released in March of 2018. This is possibly the most impactful change in OH&S standards in decades. Within the next three years, organizations currently certified under the British OHSAS 18001 standard will be required to migrate to the new ISO 45001 international standard.  The need has never been greater for high quality training to bring organizations up to speed on the changes required to certify under the new ISO international standard.  Leadership commitment and worker involvement are just a couple of the significant differences with this new standard.  The implementation of an ISO 45001 compliant OH&S management system must be carefully planned and must relate to the scale and context of the organization. Many organizations simply do not have sufficient resources or an in-house subject matter expert on the new ISO 45001 standard. Whether implementing an entirely new OH&S management system or migrating from the current certification to the new ISO 45001 standard, it is going to take additional resources and trained personnel to reach your goal of certification.

ISO 45001 Training Course Description

The body of information covered within the ISO 450001 Training Course consists of the following main sections:

  • Executive Overview
  • Transition to the New ISO 45001 Standard
  • Documentation and Implementation
  • Internal Auditing
  • Continual Improvement

Executive Overview

This course provides a basic level of understanding of the ISO 45001 International Standard requirements and application. This course is applicable to any organization planning on or in the process of establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective OH&S management system. This information can be utilized to improve occupational health and safety, identify and eliminate hazards, access and minimize risks, and set objectives for continual improvement. Each participant will have the opportunity to be involved in exercises relative to properly defining the organization’s context, worker consultation and involvement practices, hazard identification, risk analysis, internal auditing, system performance evaluation, setting objectives for continual improvement and PDCA methodology, which is at the heart of the new standard.

Transition to the New ISO 45001 Standard

This course provides a comprehensive review of the new ISO 45001 requirements and transition objectives in order to meet the new standard. While ISO 45001 and BS 18001 standards both are regarding occupational health and safety, there are fundamental differences in the way they approach safety. The British 18001 standard takes a reactive approach whereas the new truly international standard ISO 45001 requires organizations to take a more proactive approach to occupational health and safety. The new standard requires that health and safety systems are incorporated throughout the entire management system of the organization.

Leadership and Commitment

Top management must take a powerful leadership role in the OH&S management system and commit to providing adequate resources for the implementation and operation of the management system.  The training course includes planning and allocating resources, gaining commitment from the parties involved, and methods for communicating the importance of the OH&S Management system and adherence to it.

Worker Consultation and Involvement

Workers must now have an expanded role and actively participate in the implementation and continual improvement of the safety management system. Workers are consulted and must be provided training and education to identify hazards and assess risks and opportunities for improvement. Internal audit and risk assessment results must be shared with workers and allow for employee input. The standard requires organizations establish and maintain a proactive process for identification of possible hazards to the workers and others that may have access to the workplace including contractors, suppliers, and other visitors.  The ISO 45001 training includes material regarding:

  • Worker consultation and involvement
  • Developing OH&S training for workers
  • Methods for Identification of Hazards
  • Introduction to Risk Assessment tools
  • Implementing an effective communication process

According to ISO 45001, the responsibility for safety management belongs to everyone, at all levels of the organization.

Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)

As mentioned previously the PDCA cycle is at the heart of the new ISO 45001 standard. Our transition training includes an introduction into the PDCA cycle, its use, and alignment of the different ISO 45001 requirements to each stage of the cycle.

Documentation and Implementation

The ISO 45001 standard requires that the OH&S system and all information required by the standard be documented and controlled. One of the key documents that must be developed is the OH&S Policy. Documents should follow an internally agreed upon standard format. The ISO 45001 Documentation and Implementation training includes information regarding:

  • Documentation of the Management System
  • Establishing and Communicating an OH&S Policy
  • Document Control Requirements
  • Records Retention Requirements

Internal Auditing

This course provides methods to perform internal audits of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on the ISO 45001 requirements. The course is intended for participants that are either new to internal auditing or currently performing internal audits. This section of the training is also applicable to the audit process owners and personnel responsible for managing the OH&S audit process. The training materials include information on:

  • Internal Auditing Methodology
  • Proper Audit Documentation
  • Developing a Standard Review Interval
  • Audit Records Retention

Continual Improvement

The OH&S Management System must include established processes for the identification of risks and opportunities and addressing them with clearly defined objectives. In addition, ISO 45001 requires that an organization establish a process to report, investigate and take action to address incidents, prevent their recurrence, and promote continual improvement of the OH&S Management System. Quality-One ISO 45001 training includes information and exercises regarding:

  • Requirements for addressing incidents
  • Identifying the Root Cause of the non-conformance
  • Developing Effective Countermeasures
  • Setting clearly defined objectives for improvement
  • Developing a Continual Improvement culture within your organization

ISO 45001 Training Options

At Quality-One, our objective is to deliver effective, professional training designed around your organization’s products and/or processes. We provide an interactive training experience, with team activities and relevant exercises in a workshop format. The Quality-One ISO 45001 training materials are designed to provide a clear understanding of the requirements of the standard. In addition, our training contains valuable information that should enable your organization to establish the processes and documentation to build an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System within your organization. At Quality-One, we offer three different training options:

  • Onsite Training at your facility
  • Offsite Training at one of our technical training centers
  • Online Overview Training

Onsite Training

When you select ISO 45001 Onsite Training, a Quality-One subject matter expert will bring the knowledge to your location, resulting in immediate benefits for your team. The training is conducted in a dynamic instructor-led format. The Quality-One reference materials and examples also provide an invaluable resource for review long after the training workshop is completed. Onsite training is convenient for scheduling and provides an opportunity to train the whole team how to develop and implement the OH&S Management System.  By bringing the training to your organization, your team members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss examples relating to your particular OH&S challenges and opportunities.  Onsite training is most popular with organizations that require training for several individuals or groups.

Offsite Training

At Quality-One, we have Technical Training Centers conveniently located in several locations available for offsite training. The ISO 45001 Offsite Training option allows the participants to learn in an environment free from daily distractions and interruptions.  This atmosphere promotes the sharing of different experiences by participants from diverse backgrounds and various industries. This professional interaction tends to maintain interest and often results in a greater level of knowledge transfer.  The offsite training option is more cost effective for organizations with five or less associates that require ISO 45001 training.

Online Training

The Quality-One ISO 45001 Online Overview Training is perfect for a basic introduction to ISO 45001. The interactive training materials cover the basic requirements of ISO 45001, including structure and layout. The participant will be able to identify hazards, understand and manage risk, develop effective countermeasures, and identify opportunities for continual improvement. The online option allows the participants to advance through the training material at their own pace and as time permits. The training content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The participant will have 30 days to complete the course and may access it as often as desired within that period.

Learn More About ISO 45001 Training

Quality-One offers Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Quality-One provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in OH&S Management Systems development activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires.  Let us help you Discover the Value of ISO 45001 Consulting, ISO 45001 Training or ISO 45001 Project Support.

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